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Make The Vow

Are You Longing For Change ?

Whether it's New Year's Day, a milestone birthday, after a breakup, or just because we are frustrated, at some point we VOW to do that one thing we've always wanted - make that LEAP of FAITH - doing something we have been afraid of or give up something that plagues us.

However, at some point the excitement of our new intention wears off, and we push our resolution to the side! Not because we don't want to change, we just don't know how.


What Is Make The Vow?

The program is created with the belief that all people can change - not just temporarily but permanently.

Change requires that we stretch not only mentally, but emotionally and spiritually. It takes energy, determination, optimism, intentional actions, and support.

Rather than writing a list of things to do, this program will teach you how to achieve what you conceive. In addition you must believe in yourself that you can manifest what you dream of. This requires us to question our thoughts, beliefs, and deepest fears!

Realize what you truly want in your life
Understand what is blocking you in life
Make conscious decisions
Have actionable steps to move forward
Have accountability with support
Make permanent change

Continuous Support
It isn't just another one day event.

For the next six months, you will have the opportunity to stay on your path of dreams with encouragement and support. You will come away from the Workshop with the knowledge and tools to take your aspirations to manifestations, once and for all.

Sujon Datta
will host thirty minute monthly teleseminars that will reveal ongoing strategic tools, answer questions, and provide words of encouragement. This will help everyone keep the momentum going.

Become part of The Masterminds group if you choose. As a team you can help support one another. Your unique group will make sure you stay committed and accountable to your truest intentions!

In addition you may join the NEW Make The Vow Alumni Facebook page.


Renowned Life Coach and Healer
Sujon Datta

Originally created Make The Vow in 2009
to help his clients who were having
difficulty with accountability, procrastination,
and self doubt. This program helped them becomed centered, focused, and confidence by breaking their negative patterns.

Individual coaching can further your results effectively and efficiently. Sujon can also eliminate many of the blocks that prevent you from staying focused on your intentions.

Sujon has helped me change my life in every corner! You will never regret working with him as he makes you feel heard, understood, and loved.
His compassion and unique healing style makes him soar beyond any coach I've ever have had."
Diana, Producer and Writer, Los Angeles

Lose Weight
Stop Smoking
Change Jobs
Get Organized
Get Out of Debt
Fall in Love
Work Less
Start Exercising

Make permanent change


JANUARY 19TH, 2013

Take Control of Your Destiny

Release Your Doubts and Fears

Utilize the Powerful Universal Laws

Understand What is Blocking You

Be Accountable and Successful

Gain Confidence with Each Step

"The main purpose of life is to live rightly, think rightly, act rightly. The soul must languish when we give all our thoughts to the body." - Gandhi

Make the Vow Workshops

Los Angeles, CA - January 19th, 2013
Toronto, Canada - February  2nd, 2013


$299.00 per person
ONLY $149.00 per person
Bring a friend for $49.00

Early Bird Special
$129.00 before January 5th, 2013

Bring a friend for $39.00

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