Make The Vow

Live Your Life Now!
Permanent Resolutions
All Year Round

What Is A Vow?


"a solemn promise or assertion; specifically : one by which a person is bound to an act, service, or condition" - Merriam Dictionary

When we "make the vow" we are committing to our life long purpose that has personal meaning. When a person gets married, it is a significant pledge to uphold the sacred or Divine promise. So why not make such a sacred commitment to live your truth to yourself?

The Vow is a sum of your truth, intentions, beliefs, feelings, and actions. In the workshop, you will sign a contract to state that you are committed to yourself. This is your master intention that will help you stay on track.

"Our intention creates our reality."
Wayne Dyer

We are abiding by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.
Our focus will be on ourselves (the Cause) to create the end results (the Effect). The work that you will put forth during the workshop will be the catalyst to your success.


  • We do not believe that we can achieve them.
  • We do not believe in our resolutions.
  • We feel alone and separate.
  • We are swayed by others who do not believe in us.
  • We are not accountable to our goals.
  • We do not know or understand the Universal Laws.
  • We do not truly know what we want.
  • We do not know what we DO NOT want.
  • We believe we are Victims of Circumstance.
  • We focus on our negative feelings.
  • We are stuck in negativism and negative self talk.
  • We send out mixed signals so get mixed results.

Making The Vow to Yourself States

I am committed to my Truth
I know what I want and don't want in my life
I let go of my past
I release my negative feelings and beliefs
I am a powerful creative being
I forgive myself for all my past mistakes
I believe in myself


Do you know what values are most important to you?

Do you know what is blocking your success?

Do you know what habits are necessary for change?

Are you confident you can accomplish your Vow?
If not, why?

How successful are you in your current actions
in creating the life you want?

Are you feeling powerful, positive, and joyful
about your current life?

If you have answered NO to any/most of the above questions, please consider Make The Vow!

Qualities of Successful People

(Commitment to their Master Intentions = Vow)

Confidence and Dedication
Passionate and Committed
Live with Integrity and Discipline
Harness their own thoughts and behaviors
Bring great deal of personal intention
Direct their own destinies
Take a positive stance in their future
Understand who they are
Know what they want
Know what they do not want
Feel joyful and love
Have a positive outlook
Active and in Action
Great attitude
Willing to Learn
Life is generally good and Meaningful
Knows Change is a Constant

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